Cherry Bullet’s “Love Adventure” EP review


Artist: Cherry Bullet
Album: “Love Adventure” EP
Label: FNC Entertainment
Year: 2019


Cherry Bullet debuted at the beginning of 2019 with their hit single “Q&A”. Months later, they reemerged with their next single “Really Really” for their next release, “Love Adventure”. Unfortunately, this would also mark the last release with all members as Linlin, Kokoro, and Mirae would end up leaving the group later on.


Their lead single “Really Really” does is a really catchy song. They’re a very young group and this song does sound like a typical debut or second single for a rookie group. The song that I really liked is their B side track, “Ping Pong”. I really think “Ping Pong” had the potential to be the superior single over “Really Really” but the folks at FNC Entertainment thought differently.


I don’t think they either improved or regressed. They pretty much kept the same momentum they had. They kept the same energy they had. Obviously, they have a specific image they have to project which is the cute rookie girl group, so there is no real room for creativity yet. Their songs overall on this EP is better than their debut EP, “Let’s Play Cherry Bullet”.


This mini album is pretty catchy, but knowing what I know now, it’s kind of bittersweet since Kokoro was my favorite member of this group. We’ll have to see how this group moves on with the departures of members. Still, having seven surviving members is more than enough to move on. It just means each member has more of a spotlight on them.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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