Santa Clara City Library Comic Con 2019


On October 12, 2019, there was the Santa Clara City Library Comic Con at the Santa Clara Central Park Library in, you guessed it, Santa Clara, California. It was a one day celebration utilizing the entire facility to make it a family friendly event.

Every room was utilized for some kind of event whether it be a games room or a panel room. They did an amazing job making use of all the space available and also using the outdoors. The wonderful thing was that it was a bright and sunny day.

Just because it’s a small event doesn’t mean they couldn’t get guests. They were able to get artists/writers that have worked on media that we have all enjoyed. One of the most popular cosplayers, Vampy Bit Me, was also a guest.

One of my favorite aspects was the trivia contest which I happened to be on a winning team although my Star Trek knowledge is atrocious. I also was on a second place team for the Marvel Cinematic Universe competition.

I really enjoyed that it was a community event where folks of all ages can come to enjoy. It didn’t cost a dime to attend nor were there pressures of trying to be the best cosplayer ever. I enjoyed it for what it was.

Written by: Timtastic

Photos of the Santa Clara City Library Comic Con 2019

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