KARA’s “Fantastic Girls” review


Artist: KARA
Album: “Fantastic Girls”
Label: Universal Sigma
Year: 2013


This Japanese release marks the final album for members Nicole and Jiyoung as members would not renew their contracts with their agency. With that being said, “Fantastic Girls” is pretty much the last hoorah for the girls of KARA in this iteration, so they had to go out with a bang.


The entire album from top to bottom is extremely enjoyable. I’d say this might be the most complete KARA album overall and this is coming from a huge KARA fan boy. It has two singles, some amazing B side tracks, and a rerecording of a Korean B side into the Japanese language, “My Boy”. The songs that really received my full attention are “Rescue Me” and “Pop Star” as they’re my favorite songs off this album. I never did skip any of the songs as there are no fillers at all.


I honestly could say there aren’t any bad things. I didn’t give it a perfect score due the album itself not changing how I view music. KARA was already my favorite group, but the album didn’t change my outlook on music at all except that I enjoyed this album as full. It didn’t create some kind of new history for me.


Although it’s their last album as a group in Japan, it also happens to be my favorite Japanese release by them since every song is enjoyable. Unfortunately, we’ll never see them unite at any point to perform these songs due to the passing of Goo Hara. Rather than be sad, I will play this album often to remember all the good times I had through KARA. They’ll always be my favorite group and this album definitely confirms it.

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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