Riri’s “Summertime” EP review


Artist: Riri
Album: “Summertime” EP
Label: Sony Music Japan
Year: 2019


Once again, we’re going to be checking out the music of one of the fastest rising stars in Japan, Riri. I liked what I heard before, so I wanted to see what else she had. I had heard her earlier works, but this time, I wanted to hear her more recent stuff. Her 2019 EP release is called “Summertime”.


I really liked what I heard so far. This is something different from the world of JPop music that I’m accustomed to as it has a feeling of Westernized music which is something I’ve said before. Riri definitely has that sultry R&B sound. I feel like this entire four track EP sounds like it flows together. I even like the remix version of Honey since it has a slight EDM taste, yet it still maintained it’s core sound.


I think with songs that all mesh well together, she could have easily done a full length album to continue to ride the momentum. The overall body of work would have seemed like it was a work of art. I feel that eventually she’ll do a full album with all the songs that have a particular sound of hip-hop, JPop, R&B, soul, and more combined. When that time comes, it would be an amazing thing.


I think within the next few years, she’ll be a bigger star. She also has the potential of having a rare feat of being a Japanese artist that can cross over into Korea as she has songs recorded in the Korean language. Usually, Japanese artists don’t try to promote in Korea, but Riri has the ability down the road to do it. Her stock is rising a lot.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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