Orange Caramel’s “Catallena” EP review


Artist: Orange Caramel
Album: “Catallena” EP
Label: Pleidis Entertainment/LOEN
Year: 2014


It was suggested that I listen to this EP from Orange Caramel when I was looking for second generation KPop on random. I had enjoyed their first two extended plays and assumed that I would also like this one too despite not being as familiar with this lead single. I just wanted to know if I would get something different or more of the same.


Usually, most KPop albums and mini albums have their best song at the beginning. In this case, the last song in this extended play is by far the best of the three songs. It has something new and steers away from the sound that they were beginning to be type casted which was that cheesy, bubblegum pop. “Cry” is more of a disco dance which is completely different from what we got accustomed to from this After School sub-unit.


Unfortunately, I felt that Orange Caramel attempted to keep what was working for them. They got comfortable and didn’t evolve which was the case for their lead single. They were hoping that lightning would strike for a third time, but “Catallena” fell flat and failed to emote any feelings for the listener. “Cry” wasn’t enough to bring up the quality of the EP.


As KPop is constantly evolving, they fell behind with the times. I felt that if this EP was combined with their previous two EPs, it would be fine, but with each release, we want to hear and see progression. We know that they are capable of doing great things as a group and individually, but this project wasn’t proof.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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