Minzy’s “Minzy Work 01: Uno” EP review


Artist: Minzy
Album: “Minzy Work 01: Uno”
Label: The Music Works
Year: 2017


This EP marks the debut of former 2NE1 member, Minzy. It’s a chance to branch out on her own to prove she could be successful as an individual and artist. It’ll allow her to see if she could carry a song on her own let alone an EP.

I’m pretty interested in her music as a soloist considering she was probably fourth in terms of who had the most vocals in the famous KPop girl group. She was always talented due to her on-stage presence.


I do like that she took charge of writing the lyrics to her songs. It shows that she’s more than ready to evolve as a person. In fact, she wrote all of her own lyrics for each song.

She also leaned more heavily towards the R&B and ballad genres which were perceived as her weaknesses musically in the past.

If she can’t work with a plethora of rappers under the YG Entertainment banner, working with other talented rappers like Flowsik and especially Jay Park aren’t bad replacements.


I felt like it was solid, but it doesn’t have as much replay value as when she was part of a group. It feels like this is decent for a first solo outing with much room to grow as a solo artist especially with no other group member to lean on.

When listening to the titled song “Ni Na No” and the b-side, “Flashlight”, I felt like I was anticipating the guests more than her.

I didn’t feel like the second version of “Ni Na No” was necessary considering the only thing different is the rap is now in English. I think it would have made a difference if her verses were in English as well.


When listening to this EP, I had to remember that Minzy did have a solo EP release. It is nice that she has her own music considering her former group mates had solo songs as a part of the group or individual releases. As she keeps dropping music, she’ll be recognized for her solo achievements instead of mostly known as a former member of 2NE1

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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