Dance Earth Party’s “I” review


Artist: Dance Earth Party
Album: “I”
Label: AVEX Music Creative
Year: 2017


I wanted to check out more Dance Earth Party’s music after hearing Dream performing “Peace Sunshine” during one of the E-Girls concerts. I was also already familiar with some of the other songs like “Do It”. I’m also familiar with some of the groups from LDH like Exile and Doberman Infinity but wasn’t actively listening to their music, so I wanted to get a taste of what they had to offer.


OMG! I really love this album. It’s definitely unlike any album I’ve heard from any JPop artist. This is a heavy compilation group featuring members from several other groups united into one mega group sort of like E-Girls, but this time featuring some of their brother groups. Although Dream Shizuka is the primary vocalist on the songs, you have the various members of Dream appearing on it along with Crystal Kay and Happiness. Also appearing on the album are Exile The Second, Verbal from m-flo, Exile Nesmith, and Doberman Infinity. There are tons of complementary pieces to this album. It really feels like an all-star squad.

“I” is stacked with several singles like “Do It”, “Peace Sunshine”, and “Dreamers’ Paradise”. The b-sides not only bring this album to almost 70 minutes but might also be as good as the singles. I didn’t find myself skipping over any of the songs.

I just absolutely love the vibe to this album. The messages are all about positivity, peace, and to have a good time. The vibe is maybe some reggae, JPop, pop, dance-pop, and alternative. There’s a whole mix of a lot of things to create something fresh. Most importantly, the feel for the album is to be more on the philanthropic side.


I don’t have any issues with the music. Everyone gets to shine, but Dream Shizuka shined the most as the main vocalist. She did a fantastic job of being the captain of this ship. I didn’t see any weak link in the music at all.


I’ll be giving it a max total of five just because it is a full-length album stacked with amazing songs. It starts on a good note and keeps the momentum through the middle parts towards the end.
Although they currently aren’t a group, it’s nice to know that they had one amazing LP. There’s always a part of me that would love for everyone to reunite for another project. If anything, sky’s the limit.

Overall rating: 5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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