G.Na’s “Top Girl” EP review


Artist: G.Na
Album: “Top Girl” EP
Label: Cube Entertainment
Year: 2011


I was thinking about various soloists from the second generation of KPop. Eventually, I thought about some of the ones I enjoyed from that era, and that’s when I remembered how much I liked G.Na. This EP, “Top Girl” came out right before I got into the genre and started listening to the various artists.


I do like the titled track as it does a great job to kick off the EP. While “Banana” has some guest appearances from hip-hop artists, Swings and JC Ji IEun. The track that I liked the most was the b-side song called “Hate You”. I do feel like some of these songs have that G.Na style in terms of song composition.


The songs are decent, but they don’t have too much replay value. They’re not memorable and are pretty much above average at best. It does wow me enough to want to decide to listen to it again maybe in a few days or so. It’s mostly good for nostalgia quite frankly.


When I listen to this EP, I just wonder where is she nowadays. I liked some of her music during her run as an artist. I feel like she has one more good run in her to finish out how she wants to go out. Hopefully, she returns to the world of music again.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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