Dragon Ball Z (1989 anime) review


Series: Dragon Ball Z
Studio: Toei Animation
Year: 1989


Since having all the time in the world to watch anime due to being quarantined, I decided to rewatch all of Dragon Ball Z since I wanted to relive a memory of one of the greatest anime series. Also, there was a revitalized feeling of the DBZ series due to the impact it has had on not just the anime world, but beyond that since there are so many people that grew up on it. There are even more merchandise, media, and more being released, which made me want to revisit the series again. I decided to watch the original version, not the Kai one.


This series takes place years after the original Dragon Ball series ended with Goku now becoming a husband and father. One day, a being from outer space comes to recruit him to take over not just Earth, but other planets. However, he declines that request and his son, Gohan is kidnapped. Goku has to team up with his rival, Piccolo, to defeat him. This also means that their planet becomes a huge target for outsiders to want to conquer.


What makes this series so iconic is the fight scenes. Everyone remembers all the special moves each character has and would try to emulate them. Everyone remembers the heroes and the villains which make the series so memorable.

Some of the lesson people took from this is putting all your effort into one thing to be the best version of yourself. People would go to the gym and work out to try to become like Goku. People would have a chip on their shoulders like Vegeta. There are so many characters that people can relate to.


Some of the episodes just dragged on forever. For instance, it would just take Goku several episodes just to get from point A to point B. It would take several episodes just for Goku to power up to fire his most powerful attack. Some of these things that just took forever would be addressed in Dragon Ball Super.


I also had to watch this series because I had as a child, watched a lot of the episodes in English and then watched the remaining second half in Japanese despite not knowing the language due to Cartoon Network’s Toonami block going up to a certain point in the series and then restarting the series all over again which would hinder my initial experience watching it. Because Japan was already way ahead in the series, I decided to watch it in Japanese from a specific point. Fast forward to today, I wanted to watch it again in Japanese since I’d rather watch it with the Japanese voice actors and the English version also changed a bit of the script here and there.

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular animated series ever, not just anime. Many people that don’t even watch anime do know the series since it is iconic with some of the most popular characters ever. To this day, many people that didn’t even grow up with this series, know it very well since it has crossed over into other media like gaming. You can’t mention the greatest anime series without including DBZ.

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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