Momoland’s “Show Me” EP review


Artist: Momoland
Album: “Show Me” EP
Label: MLD Entertainment
Year: 2019


Momoland had a busy 2018 which carried over into 2019. They were coming in with a lot of momentum maybe possibly reaching the upper tier in KPop girl groups. They now had some hits behind them, and let’s see what else they have to offer.


For the first time ever, I’ll start off with the bad instead of good. The lead single is “I’m So Hot”, and it is trash. I’ve listened to numerous albums and have heard some good and others not so good. This might officially be the worst KPop single I’ve ever heard, if not the worst KPop song of all time. I feel like this single soils the rest of the album since they’ve released EPs with amazing b-sides. It feels very uninspired, lack of effort, and just a poor attempt to crank out anything and hope that it would be good just because they have their name attached to it.


The shining light is that they’ve had good b-side songs which help them out. “Light Up” really should have been the lead single. If you eliminated “I’m So Hot” and inserted “Light Up” as the lead single, I wouldn’t have any issue with it. This particular song feels fun, fresh, and upbeat. “Holiday” is also another song I enjoyed and has that summertime touch to an EP that was released in the spring.


This project necessarily isn’t their best work. It does feel like it’s a step back which every artist has done at some point. They’re capable of rebounding. Their b-sides are worth salvaging this particular extended play.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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