Girls’ Generation-TTS’ “Twinkle” EP review


Artist: Girls’ Generation-TTS
Album: “Twinkle” EP
Label: SM Entertainment
Year: 2012


Girls’ Generation is a mega-group comprising of nine members. Besides performing as a group, they also do individual activities too like acting, hosting shows, and being on variety shows which means not all members can be together at once which is how this sub-unit was created. SM Entertainment created this sub-unit due to needing to keep the ball rolling as a powerful force in KPop. It just so happens that the trio of Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun are three of the best singers of the group. “Twinkle” would be their first effort as a trio.


The good thing is that each of the members now gets more lines to sing instead of having to share it with six other members. There is more of a spotlight on each of them especially when we’re talking about three of the best singers of the group. If anything, less is more sometimes, especially in this case.

I feel like Girls’ Generation often likes to have a few singles on their LPs and just load it up with filler tracks. In this case, going the EP route allowed them to have a much better quality of music. Of course, everyone liked the titled track, but the tracks I enjoyed were “Library”, “Good-Bye, Hello” and “Love Sick”.


I didn’t like the lead single as much as everyone else did. I felt like it shouldn’t have been leadoff for the EP. It was a decent debut as a sub-unit and may once every now and then, have some replay value especially since this group currently is inactive.


Obviously, because of the massive amounts of fans they had as the dominant KPop girl group at that point, the sales were fantastic. This was during the height of their careers as a group. This sub-unit idea also opened up the floodgates for more sub-unit work later on and also solo releases by members. I do think that this project from top to bottom quality-wise is better than the full albums released but the entire group, but hey, it’s my opinion.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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