A Wind Named Amnesia (1990 anime movie) review


Movie: “A Wind Named Amnesia”
Studio: Madhouse
Year: 1990


I decided to continue on my run of watching some classic anime and came across this hidden gem. I didn’t know what it was about and just started watching. I wanted to watch a movie since I didn’t want to be committed to a series especially if it ran for a very long time which is how I came across “A Wind Named Amnesia”.


This story follows a man named Wataru and his journey across the United States after a wind comes through and wipes out everyone’s memories causing people to lose the ability to function as normal everyday human beings. Wataru is one of these people but relearned basic abilities like running, speaking, and more.

He comes across a woman named Sofia, and they venture off to New York from San Francisco. On this journey, they meet some people and learn about human nature.


There are some good messages in this movie. As of this writing, we are going through a global pandemic that has a slight feel of apocalyptic times like this particular movie. We come across some of the good and more importantly the bad in humans as we struggle to get past this historical era in history. We see the savagery, the kindness, and the heart of human beings.


There were some unnecessary things that this movie could have done without especially the nude scenes. The nudity brought nothing to this movie and its story. It just pretty much made it a borderline hentai movie.

I also at times felt bored as the pacing was very slow especially during the dialog and the lack of dialog of the characters that have lost the ability to speak.


It is a lesson we can learn about how we treat each other when it feels like all hope is lost. If it weren’t for the current times, it would hold less substance. During this lockdown we have, it does feel like we are suffering through amnesia and forgetting how to do certain things especially since we’re not able to have much human interaction.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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