Dance Earth Party’s “Popcorn” EP review


Artist: Dance Earth Party
Album: “Popcorn” EP
Label: AVEX Entertainment\
Year: 2017


I really enjoy the music of Dance Earth Party since it’s nothing like the music of the members’ other groups. It’s full of positive messages, empowerment, and happiness. “Popcorn” is an EP that was released in 2017.


This is the first project with the fixed members of Dream Shizuka, Exile Usa, and Exile Tetsuya. They are without the other members that have been with them on previous releases. This time, they are a trio with Dream Shizuka being the sole person on vocals while Exile Usa and Exile Tetsuya are there providing support as performers.

The lead single continues the power of positivity and the message Dance Earth Party wishes to spread. I feel that this song along with their b-sides, “Wave” and “D.E.P!!!”, can bring people together. The songs are also really easy on the ears.


There is a lack of guest appearances in terms of the previous members, but you do get used to it. It really does feel like mostly a Dream Shizuka album under the Dance Earth Party, but other groups have done it with one primary singer and the others are there to be the performers.


I really do enjoy the music of Dance Earth Party since it is music that’s different from what they normally work on and also different from what you listen to unless you also actively listen to reggae. Their music usually makes you feel good, and I feel that anyone can get into their music. It is definitely easy on the ears.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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