Exile Shokichi’s “Underdog” EP review


Artist: Exile Shokichi
Album: “Underdog” EP
Label: AVEX Entertainment Inc./LDH Japan Inc.
Year: 2018


I’m familiar with Exile and all of the groups that fall under their family. However, I am not too familiar with all of their members or music. I don’t know the individual members and their solo projects which is how I got to this point with Exile Shokichi’s 2018 EP, “Underdog”. I decided to check out music from just one member and see how far that gets me,


This is definitely different than what I thought I was going to be listening to. I expected either some JPop, R&B or even J-Urban. What I got was something more along the lines of rock-inspired. I felt like I was listening to a JRock EP. It had an aggressive punk feel which I dug.


I liked what I heard so far. I just wanted some more of it. I felt like the title track could be used for an anime opening or something.


After enjoying this single album, I’ll eventually check out his other stuff along with all of the groups he’s a part of. I did like what I was listening to so far and hope he has some other good stuff along the way.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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