Seohyun’s “Don’t Say No” EP review


Artist: Seohyun
Album: “Don’t Say No” EP
Label: SM Entertainment
Year: 2017


After being a member of Girls’ Generation for ten years, SM Entertainment finally gave Seohyun the green light to release a solo project called “Don’t Say No”. She would become the third member of Girls’ Generation after Tiffany and Taeyeon to receive a solo project. Pretty much, all members of Girls’ Generation- TTS would receive first dibs at getting solo projects. It would give her the opportunity to shine on her own as a soloist as opposed to having her share the spotlight with eight other group members. It would also allow her to grow as an artist.


The amazing thing is that Seohyun did get the opportunity to shine. Of the seven songs on the extended play, she wrote lyrics for six of them. The only one she didn’t write was the titled single.

There were a few highlight tracks outside of the titled track. “Hello” is a song featuring Eric Nam which may be my favorite song of this EP. Each song is pretty good. I do actually really like this album as Seohyun explores more of the R&B side but still keeps it pop. As a fan of R&B music fan myself, I appreciate that she mostly keeps it R&B.


I want to say that this is a solid project. I do feel that “Hello” should have been the lead single considering it had a special guest on it. I never thought that Seohyun had it in her to write some of the best music a Girls’ Generation member has ever written especially relatively keeping the same tone and them throughout the EP.


I actually like these solo projects over their group albums. They get to expand their artistry and their music comes out better. They get to grow as musicians, artists, and individuals. I was 100% feeling the 90’s R&B vibe.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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