Riri’s “I Love to Sing” EP review


Artist: Riri
Album: “I Love to Sing” EP
Label: The Mic-a-holics Inc.
Year: 2016


I have covered Riri’s music before, but “I Love to Sing” marks her debut project when she was just a teen. I enjoyed her music when I checked out her other projects, so I have some lofty expectations with this one.


This extended play is amazing. It has some pop, R&B, funk, and more. There wasn’t a standout track that stood out, but I feel this project was almost like a 25-minute song as each one transitions well into the next. At age 17, she definitely showed that she’s wise beyond her years, and not many people at her age would dare dream to make music as she does at her age.


This entire project is in English. I was hoping that there would be some songs in Japanese, but it wasn’t to be. Her music inspirations are from the West, and that’s what we got with this debut project. The only song that was in Japanese was “Color Me”


I feel like Riri definitely will have a bright future ahead of her. At this point in her debut, she already has a maturity level that many artists don’t have even years into their career. She has a music direction she wants to head towards and has a powerful voice that doesn’t need much refining. She’ll be a big deal later on as she gains more and more experience.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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