Everglow’s “Hush” EP review


Artist: Everglow
Album: “Hush” EP
Label: Yuehua Entertainment Korea
Year: 2019


“Hush” marks the second release in 2019 for KPop rookie group, Everglow. They had a successful debut, and this release is to show that they’re not a one-hit-wonder and that they’re here to stay.


This EP came with three songs. They included “Hush”, “Adios”, and “You Don’t Know Me”. I personally enjoyed “Hush” and “You Don’t Know Me”. The songs are cute and charming. These two songs are also the underrated songs of this EP.


Although “Hush” was the titled track, it wasn’t the single. “Adios” was the lead single. I would have personally preferred the other two songs. “Hush” is a cuter song that fits their image more. “Adios” felt kind of generic and didn’t fit their concept at all. Sure, it had lots of bass and a high energy vibe, the song wasn’t for them.


With this release, Everglow ended up winning a music show which shows that they were not a fluke and gave them momentum moving forward. Suddenly, they were on a hot streak and many promoters wanted them at their shows to perform.

This really wasn’t much of a step up from their debut. As performers, yes. As artists, not quite yet.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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