4Minute’s “Crazy” EP review


Artist: 4Minute
Album: “Crazy” EP
Label: Cube Entertainment
Year: 2015


There are many artists of the course of my KPop life that have made music I have enjoyed. 4Minute was one of those groups that made a lot of music I liked. They also came out during the KPop boom when many artists were dropping albums left and right. Because of the rapid pace of releases, there were many albums and extended plays I missed which would happen. It took me until 2020 for me to actually listen to the “Crazy” EP.


4Minute has always been one of the edgiest groups in all of KPop. In terms of girl groups, their music is harder than most groups out there. When you thought they couldn’t get even edgier, they went further which shows in the titled track, “Crazy”. The single was one of the most aggressive singles with its smashmouth vibe. The next song, “Cut It Out”, carries the same vibe over from the previous song to this one but transitions into pop song by the chorus.

I do like the Hyuna and Jiyoon each started to pen and worked on the production of songs on the album and these songs were some of the better songs of this release.


Their first single off this EP was actually a ballad called “Cold Rain” which was unlike them as it wasn’t what they’re known for. I actually didn’t know this was a single of theirs until I looked up their album credits. It wasn’t my cup of tea as this song didn’t feel like a 4Minute song. It really felt like another group’s song.


Most of this EP carries the theme and spirit most of the time. At times, it feels like they steer away from their concept, but eventually, they get back on the right path. 4Minute was one of the groups to use the edgy concept and make it work during their time as a group. This release wasn’t my favorite project of theirs, but it’s different from their other work which makes it interesting.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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