Exile Shokichi’s “The One” EP review

exshotheone0 - Copy

Artist: Exile Shokichi
Album: “The One” EP
Label: AVEX Music Creative Inc.
Year: 2014


I liked the music of Exile Shokichi, so I wanted to check out more of his stuff. I have no real reason why I went for this particular release except that it was his first EP release, so it was natural for “The One” to be my starting point instead of doing random select.


There are three songs off this EP, but I’m surprised he opted for “The One” to be his lead single considering the other two songs which are “Loveholic” and “Here We Go” which are pretty much club bangers. “The One” is a beautiful song and shows off his talent for singing. Choosing this as his lead single is a high risk, high reward.


I do think he had space to have a second single to show his versatility maybe if he had added some more songs. His other two songs were fun too.


I think I’ll become a bigger fan as I continue to check out more of his music. I think checking out specific members of a mega group and their music is the best way to learn more about the group themselves since you become familiar with them as individuals too. Eventually, I’ll get to more of Shokichi’s music and maybe branch off to other members of his groups.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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