GFriend’s “Sunny Summer” EP review


Artist: GFriend
Album: “Sunny Summer” EP
Label: Source Music
Year: 2018


I was drawn into this EP because I was looking for something fresh in terms of music in the summer of 2018. I was already familiar with GFriend, but a certain single of theirs was released in the middle of the summer which was unlike anything they had dropped to that point. They were totally trying to take the crown for the queens of summer in the world of KPop music for this current generation.


First of all, “Sunny Summer” is definitely one of the greatest summer songs of all time. It’s so catchy and uplifting. Who doesn’t want a song about having fun memories during the summertime? It also helps that Duble Sidekick, who is known for making countless summer hits, is the head of the lead single.

The rest of the five-song EP is worth listening too. “Vacation” definitely continues the momentum left by the lead single. “Sweety” returns them back into the bubblegum pop world everyone knows them for. “Windy Windy” has a hopeful, upbeat feel which could have been a lead single, and nobody would bat an eye. “Love in the Air” felt like it was going to be a slower, down-tempo song, but ended up kind of with a techno touch pop song.


When this EP was released, I was like “Where was this iteration of GFriend in the past?”. I didn’t know they had it in them to release something so amazing. It’s something I wanted more of. I really wanted them to only release EPs in the middle of the year to get fun, fresh, and exciting songs like these ones.


Up until this point, they had potential and were just getting by with decent songs, but not ones that could carry a season. It definitely put them in the upper echelon of groups. I personally believe this is their best quality release due to every song being enjoyable.

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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