City Hunter (2011 Korean Drama) review


Series: “City Hunter”
Year: 2011
Channel: SBS


There were many factors in why I watched this series. First, Goo Hara of Kara was in this series, so I knew at some point I’d have to watch it even if she isn’t the main character. Second of all, it was available to watch at the time via stream when there weren’t too many Korean dramas on streaming services. After that, it was an accident because I thought it would be the Jackie Chan movie or the anime series both of the same title. Finally, the opening scene hooked me in.


A small South Korean team of military specialists go into enemy territory in North Korea to eliminate some officials. Fearful that if the mission goes public, the United States would pull out their support for South Korea, so the five council members that originally planned the attack, decide to pull out by erasing the team from the record books by killing them at sea when it was time to pick them up.

Only one, Lee Jinpyo, survived as his best friend, Park Mooyeol, shielded him from the rain of bullets. Furious about what just happened, Lee decides to invest the next several years to plotting revenge on those that did him and his team wrong starting with kidnapping Park’s son from his home to use him as a vessel of revenge.


I absolutely love this series. There were action scenes that were crazy enough to make China and Hong Kong proud. There were explosions, shoot outs, hand to hand fight scenes, and more.

Just when you have an idea of what will happen, the series throws a curveball at you with all the plot twists and turns.

You want action? Check! You want romance? Check! You want comedy? Check! You want a good story? Check! You want adventure? Check! You want drama? Check!


I was hooked in the entire time. Because I was reeled in, I didn’t really notice anything worth complaining about. There were plot holes, but to be fair, every KDrama has plot holes.


This series actually was my first series for Korean dramas. I think because of this series, it became my launching pad to check out other dramas. Had I not enjoyed this series, I wouldn’t have branched out to other ones. It felt like being on a very long roller coaster for 20 hours. Not only is it my first series, but it’s also my favorite.

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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