Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys” Review

Girls Generation- The Boys

Artist: Girls’ Generation

Album: The Boys

Label: SM Entertainment (Korea)/Interscope (U.S.A.)

Year: 2011


“The Boys” is the latest recording effort from the 9 member group known as Girls’ Generation aka SNSD.  It has a heavy American influence as they try to become the first K-Pop group to successfully invade America to plant their flag down for SM Entertainment.  It has production from Teddy Riley who has worked with legendary artists like Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Usher, and Keith Sweat.  It also has a verse from hip-hop artist, Snoop Dogg on a remix of “The Boys”.


There were many songs that were enjoyable.  I initially bought the album just because I liked the song “Mr. Taxi” since I am notorious for buying albums for just one song.  I found that they happened to have much more songs.  I also appreciated the fact that it was a full length album as well.

I liked the cultural impact that it may have for K-Pop in America.  Teddy Riley has worked wonders before and I liked how he has expanded to a whole new genre.  I really do feel that it would help draw new listeners and fans to not just Girls’ Generation, but the entire genre itself.


I felt that the entire album focused around the titled track.  There were 6 different versions of “The Boys”.  One was in Korean while another was in English.  In addition to that, there were 4 different remixes with Snoop Dogg being on one of them.  As much as I like Snoop Dogg, I just didn’t feel that he meshed well with them even though I appreciate the effort.

I also felt that some of the songs flew over my head as I had to go back to a certain song just to actually catch it.  Occasionally, I’d listen to a certain song and not realize that the song is actually playing and before I’d realize it, it was all over.  It wasn’t necessarily filler material, just something that required another listen.


Not every song was listenable. Some songs require a second listen while others were just straight up filler. The remixes were not that necessary.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

Music video for “The Boys”

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