2NE1’s “To Anyone” Review

2NE1- Can't Nobody

This is the first official full length album from 2NE1.  Building off their momentum from their first mini album, 2NE1 goes full force into showing what they’re fully capable of with diverse hits and songs that could have been hits.  This was their true first test to branch away from needing support from Big Bang.

They showed that they can carry a full length album themselves and become a major player from YG Entertainment.  This album helped make a splash in the all too cookie cutter world of KPop music with diversity.

Artist: 2NE1

Album: To Anyone

Label: YG Entertainment

Year: 2010


About half the songs on this album were legitimate singles.  The hits on this album included “Can’t Nobody”, “Clap Your Hands”, “Go Away”, and “Kiss”.  A lot of the songs had different vibes than the next.

Another reason why this album was great was the chemistry of 2NE1.  They each had parts to sing and each had distinctive voices.  They could carry a song themselves as well.  Dara had her own song.  CL and Minzy did a song together.  Park Bom was able to showcase her singing abilities herself.

They also took the time to write the songs unlike a lot of the other idol groups who solely rely on in house writers.  Of course, they collaborated with their producer Teddy Park to create their masterpiece.


What hurt this album was the overuse of the autotune especially on CL and Dara since they can actually sing.  They have exemplified the ability to sing even on the more down tempo tracks.  It’s okay that they use it though since it’s usually during the high tempo tracks.


I had gotten this album since I had just become a Blackjack and more importantly, a KPop fan. I got this album because it had a few songs that I liked and wanted to get more familiar with them. Boy, did I get hooked on it. It also got me hyped to attend their “New Evolution” tour.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

Music video for “Can’t Nobody” (Korean version)

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