Beast’s “Shock of the New Era” review

Beast- Shock of a New Era

“Shock of the New Era” is the 2nd EP from the Korean boy band, Beast.  It was a steer in a different direction as they presented a different sound with a blend of rock and electronic, thus creating high energy and hard hitting tracks.  “Shock” was the prime example of this new sound as it was the first single off this EP.  There are a total of 5 tracks.


I appreciate any artist, who not only takes a risk from their comfort zone from an earlier release, to come out with a record that showcases evolution.  I liked that it had listenable tracks.  Not all tracks exemplified that high tempo feel, as there are some ballads as well.  It was pretty diverse even for a five track EP.


With this new direction they went, it leaves you wanting more on what they may potentially be able to do.  With a new direction, an EP isn’t enough to really satisfy fans of theirs.  The EP was about 15 minutes which is not enough time to really enjoy without having to repeat it.


To be honest, I was looking for some cheap KPop music to buy, and it happened to be under $5 on iTunes for the entire EP. I bought it because I liked “Shock” and thought it was a bargain.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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