KARA’s “Lupin” EP review

KARA- Lupin

“Lupin” is the third EP released by K-Pop girl group, KARA which featured their current line up.  It was their transition from their cutesy image to a darker, mature one.  The vision is apparent in their music video for their titled track.  They however, didn’t fully abandon their bread and butter as they still kept elements that made them very popular with Kamilias.

Artist: KARA

Album: Lupin EP

Label: DSP Entertainment

Year: 2010


What I liked about this EP was that it had a diverse collection of songs.  There was an upbeat track with bass in “Lupin”.  “Umbrella” maintained their cute image that helped them become popular.  “Lonely” helped slow the mood down and showed their ability to sing.  “Tasty Love” could have easily been a single while “Rollin’ was a shift in tempo.


When going through a transitional stage, I would have liked a total transition to see what could have been instead a gradual one not only because it was an EP, but just their overall concept.  I would have liked for them to really commit to their “Lupin” theme they teased with the video for the rest of the album.


Obviously, I did my best to give an unbias review considering they’re my favorite group. I’m proud to say that this is the first digital album I’ve ever bought in its entirety. If I were really bias, I’d give it a higher score.

Overall: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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