“Stable Life” (2013 American documentary) review



“Stable Life” was the final movie I watched during the 2013 Cinequest film festival. I had no knowledge what this movie was about so I decided to check it out.


This documentary follows Dionicia as she works at a race track in San Mateo, California attending to horses with other people. The thing is that she is an undocumented person and is technically an illegal citizen. She works knowing that her family is one step closer in achieving the American dream.


I think it was interesting in following an undocumented worker because that itself is the risk to the person and potentially their family. Dionicia put herself and her family out there to show that the dream is worth getting.

It was also cool that it took place at Bay Meadows in San Mateo since it’s close to where I live in San Jose.


Realistically, it felt slow, and it was kind of boring. I felt kind of tired at times during the movie due to a lack of interest.


This marked the end of Cinequest to me. I actually would have liked to send this edition of Cinequest off on a good note, but then again it is the curse of the double edge sword. Because I don’t ever read the synopsis, some movies I encounter are great, while some may be lackluster.

Overall rating: 2/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic


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