f(x)’s “Hot Summer” review


Artist: f(x)

Album: Hot Summer

Label: SM Entertainment

Year: 2011


“Hot Summer” is the repackaged version of “Pinocchio” with and extra two songs. It became a very popular album spawning many singles. Their first hits that were released as just singles ended up on this album.


This album is littered with hit songs like “Hot Summer”, “Chu”, and “Danger”.  SHINee makes an appearance in a song called “Lollipop” to support their SM Entertainment label mate.

The songs have a very catchy tune. It had many one liners that are in English too that always seem to catch your ear.  The visuals of the music videos help out the audio of the songs come to life.


The heart of the album felt very empty.  I did consider the middle of the album to be filled with album fillers.  As a person who took the time to buy the entire album, I expected more because there were a lot of songs. I also felt that they were capable of more because they brought something different and stood out against the many different KPop girl groups.


I realistically bought this album for two three songs which were some of the songs they’re most well known. I rarely actually listen to the middle songs unless I forget to turn it off because I happen to be doing something else. The music video for “Hot Summer” really did help entice me to make the purchase.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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