4Minute’s “Name is 4Minute” EP review


Artist: 4Minute

Album: “Name is 4Minute”

Label: Cube Entertainment

Year: 2013


After the sub unit known as “2Yoon” finished their promotions, Cube Entertainment announced that 4Minute would be getting back to their roots with their comeback.  Their bread and butter which helped them become more popular with the fans were that powerful and high energy sound that got them famous. “What’s Your Name?” was their lead single and ended up being their biggest hit to date.


This album is filled of blood pumping joints. Every member holds their own considering Hyuna became the breakout star with Troublemaker and her own solo efforts. Hyuna works really well with Jihyun, Jiyoon, Gayoon, and Sohyun. The lead video for “What’s Your Name?” was pretty hype as well.


It qualified as an EP but was really just a single as there were only four legitimate tracks with an intro. The songs were super short as well. I felt that they came back with full force but with nothing to back it up.


I pretty much bought this EP on the strength of one song and the fact that it was really affordable to buy the entire album. I really did enjoy it, but I never really quite enjoyed all the way as I was buying other albums on iTunes at the moment.

I had also bought this EP because 4Minute is one of my favorite groups, but I had not own any of their music at that point and thought that I might as well start with their current efforts at that point.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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