Timtastic’s Top 10 favorite “Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3” themes


I’ve been playing “Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3” long enough where I start to have favorite themes for characters.  Certain themes are more enjoyable.  My list is compiled into my top 10 favorite themes.

10. Strider Hiryu
When his theme comes on especially with meter, you can expect the expected.  Orbs will be coming into play.  His theme exemplifies come back and insanity.  It has more than enough hype which is why he was one of the most requested characters for “Ultimate”

9. Morrigan
This theme has enjoyed much success from “Darkstalkers” to the “Marvel” series.  It has tones of jazziness in it so it’s more pleasant to hear it when you see soul fists flying everywhere with hidden missiles.  When you hear her theme, you can expect soul fists, astral vision, missiles, and attempts to gain meter.  What a lovely character.

8. Spider-Man
This theme is under appreciated because no one would have the right mind to use this character.  It’s rare for someone to use this Spidey so it’s always appreciated when the theme comes one.  Please someone, besides Mame-Spider, make him a viable character!

7. Storm
Beyonzo’s theme has come up the list courtesy of EG Justin Wong’s inspirational Evo 2013 run.  It got plenty of play after getting his Wolverine killed a few times.  It made me personally realize that it was a pretty decent theme after all.  Y’all may want to pick up Storm now.

6. Hawkeye
Listening to Hawkeye’s theme means mostly one thing.  It means be prepared for arrows from all sorts to be fired ranging from triple shots, poison tips, or one with Ant-Man on it.  Arrows here, arrows there, and arrows everywhere.  It’s a fun track from one of the members of the Avengers.  Try not to get hit with these tricky projectiles.  If you’re using Clint, proceed with the scattered shots.

5. Dr. Doom
The theme of Dr. Doom reminds you of all the negative things in life like hatred, loneliness, and being footdived.  You either follow your lord and savior Dr. Doom or risk being put away in a Latveria jail.  To not follow his lead means a slow and painful death by hidden missiles.

4. Captain America
When you hear the theme of Captain America, you think of these things: freedom, honor, and the stars & stripes.  You mostly think about what a wonderful country America is.  I don’t know why this isn’t the national anthem.  I would gladly place my hand over my heart when this theme is played when the United States wins the gold medal at the Olympics.

3. Zero
What better song to place into top 3 than Zero’s theme.  It definitely is a throwback to those that enjoyed the “Mega Man X” series.  It’s a song that isn’t heard too long because you either kill Zero fast due to his low health or he kills you with lightning loops even though he’s mostly a point character.  It’s a remix to the old classic.

2. X-23
X-23’s theme definitely has one of the most awesome tunes.  It has lyrics that you could listen to.  The lyrics definitely fit well into her character.  She definitely is her own person based off of the words.  It would be heard more often if more people started to pick up this underrated character.  If that were the case, it would be awesome.

1. Nova
How could you not get hyped listening to the theme of Nova?  If you’re getting beaten up by him, the blood pumping track will ease the pain.  If you’re kicking ass with him, the music just adds to the salt of your opponent especially with the smack talk from Nova himself.  By far it is the best track in this game.

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