“Somewhere Slow” (2013 American movie) review



At Cinequest 2013, I was supposed to go watch another movie while this one was playing, but I got coaxed into staying to watch this movie.  It worked out because the movie I was intending on seeing didn’t have the subtitles up and moving.  I also was at the venue anyways from the previous movie.


Anna Thompson is a sales representative for a cosmetics company and has a steady life with her husband.  Somehow, there’s a part of her that’s missing.  One night, she witnesses a convenient store robbery and uses this opportunity to escape from the mundane lifestyle she was enduring.  On her way, she encounters Travis who is also on his own personal journey.  Together they find out who they really are and what their fates should be.


It’s a story we can all relate to.  I myself can relate to living a mundane life only to want to get away from it all for just some time.  We can relate to just needing our own personal space even if it’s not for long.


I feel the story was there, but execution wasn’t.  The idea of leaving your own life temporarily was fine with me.  The idea of cheating on your husband with some college kid seemed confusing.  I felt that the story could have used some tweaking so that we can relate to the main characters.


It was a decent movie but didn’t wow me at all.  I felt that I did make the right decision on the movie selection that night even though my goal was to watch more foreign films during the Cinequest 2013 season.

Overall rating: 2.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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