“The Playback Singer” (2013 American movie) review



I decided to watch this at Cinequest not knowing what this movie was about like how I watch all movies during the festival.  I went on the assumption that it would be good.  My guess about what this movie was about probably had something to do with music.


Ray is a lazy jungle gym builder who has not amounted to anything who is married to Priya who is a hard working attorney of Indian decent.  One day, Priya’s estranged father, who is a very well known singer in India, comes to stay with Priya and Ray since he will be doing a concert in the area.  With a clash of cultures and growing pains, both parties learn about their differences and try to change each other for the better.


It had it’s moments of heartwarming and entertainment.  It had some great quality moments to mend the relationship between Priya and her father.  It’s a movie that all people can relate to especially those that are estranged from their parents or those that are trying to fit in with a spouse’s parent.  It’s also a movie you can relate to especially since in the United States, we’re a melting pot of different cultures and can learn from one another.


When it was listed as a comedy, there wasn’t enough comedy.  When it was listed as a drama, there wasn’t enough drama.  The laughs were just chuckles while the serious moments didn’t leave you off the seat.  Maybe it was a good thing.


I definitely enjoyed the movie because I feel that we can all relate to it.  All the characters have their own personal problems while they had a collective problem that they must deal with together.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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