“Everybody in Our Family” (2012 Romanian movie) review



I watched this movie at Cinequest during the 2013 season.  I watched it assuming it was a family movie because the word “family” was in the title.  Of course, like all Cinequest movies I watch, I watch them not knowing the synopsis beforehand.  I also didn’t know where the origin of this movie was as in by country.


Marius is a man in his late thirties.  He is also divorced.  He doesn’t have much except the love for his daughter, Sofia.  Unfortunately, Sofia lives with her mother and her step father, so any chance Marius gets to see her is valuable.  During one of Marius’ opportunities to see his daughter, she apparently falls ill, but he does not believe it and still wishes to take her.  It turns into a fight over Sofia with violence, childish antics, and insults.


This movie was filled with so much dark humor, childish behavior from adults, violence, and much more.  What made it more believable was that it feels very real.  A lot of divorced parents often fight over their kids and the right to custody.  In Europe, it’s no different.

I was also impressed with how it was shot.  About 95% of the movie took place in the apartment where they lived so they were able to save time and only really needed one location to film.


The only thing I can say that was bad was that portions of the movie made me feel uncomfortable.  I didn’t feel comfortable with potential violence against women especially when they’re held against their will.  It did feel real though.


I myself could relate to this movie because I have parents that have fought over my little brother and me during our youths.  Sometimes, I can still hear all the yelling in the background in my head during inactivity.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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