G. Na’s “Beautiful Kisses” EP review


Artist: G. NA

Album: Beautiful Kisses

Label: Cube Entertainment

Year: 2013


On March of 2013, G. Na made her comeback with the song, “Oops!” along with the release of her EP, “Beautiful Kisses”.  She had a few collaborations on the EP with such label mates like Huh Gak and Ill Hoon of BtoB.


She had some good songs which stood out especially “Oops!” which ended help win her win KBS’ “Music Bank”.  I also enjoyed the song “First Kiss” as it was another track that stood out.

The album had a lot of charm with her serenading the listener with her sweet voice with the feel good song “Oops!” and her other down tempo songs.  The lead single was very cute and sexy.  I haven’t even gotten to the music video itself.


This album was also filled with some filler tracks too.  Some of the tracks literally flew over my head.  I realistically won’t listen to the other songs unless I decide to listen to the album whole.  It’s not on her though but more on the team behind her putting the album together.


Besides the lead single, the other songs don’t stand out on its own but rather as a whole album as it compliments each other.  I liked the collaborations with Ill Hoon as he established himself as his own person outside of BtoB and worked well with G. Na. She stood out on her own and didn’t allow the collaborators over shadow her.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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