BF4 Kits, Loadouts, Classes & Jet Customization


Apologies for the lack of posting in the last week. School has started for me and there’s already a load of work and reading assigned. I will still try to post as frequently as possible :).

Anywho, I have two BF4 videos today for you guys. The first one features Vikkstar123 and he has spent some of his exclusive game time highlighting each kit, loadout and class from BF4. It’s not an in-depth extrapolation of said things but more of a basic overview of what to expect once the game launches. Check it out below.

The 2nd video features some awesome jet/attack heli gameplay from Mashed8 and he provides some more info on the aerial aspect of BF4 such as customization and what kind of gadgets/weapons will be in-game. The video is below.

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