“Glove” (2011 Korean movie) review



I decided to watch a random Korean movie, but I wanted to watch something out of the norm. I wanted to stay away from a romantic comedy or genres I have already seen. This movie came across and thought that I had yet to journey into the Korean sports genre. I know they love their baseball like we do.


Kim Sang Nam is a famed baseball pitcher in Korea with a hot temper and gets into trouble for assault. To escape the media frenzy, he escapes to the countryside to a school for the hearing impaired to become a baseball coach for a struggling team that he can’t understand. He must get them prepared for nationals thus prepared for life as they have been cuddled within the school walls for such a long time. Can he get the team to buy into his program and to get them to sacrifice for one another?


I felt it was a feel good movie that was enjoyable with the entire family. Although they didn’t win in the end, they were winners overall with the hard work and dedication to become great.

The lesson was that no matter what the obstacle in life is like hearing impairment, you can do anything if you put the time and effort into what you do.


Can you really throw a team of just nine players out there? No pinch runners, hitters, position players, starting pitchers and relieving pitchers to make a team? To have only one pitcher playing all games and all nine innings is to destroy a kid’s future.


Although their baseball tradition isn’t as rich as their American, Japanese, and Latin American counter parts, it was nice to see how the Koreans view baseball. I felt it was like “Rocky” meets “The Mighty Ducks” with a Korean flare. I saw a hint of “Rocky” because these kids were ultimate underdogs and lost in the end but gained the respect of everyone. I saw hints of “The Mighty Ducks” because these kids were misfits and did not belong playing with a lot of their more superior opponents.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic


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