“Yatterman” (2008 anime series) review


Series: Yatterman

Studio: Tatsunoko Productions

Year: 2008


I decided to get back into the anime game after being part of the FGC (fighting game community) and seeing how diverse the anime community was since they go hand in hand. Yatterman became one of my favorite group of heroes and are my favorite tandem in the Tatsunoko universe.


Gan-Chan and Ai-Chan are young mechanics who build robots in a lab. They one day had to battle Doronjo and her lackeys from getting possession of a mysterious stone with magical powers. They must prevent it from being activated or face serious consequences.

The heroes are named Yatterman-1 (Gan-Chan) and Yatterman-2 (Ai-Chan).  They foil the evil plans of Doronjo and her gang of lackeys.  They are joined by the many robots they have like Yatterwan and Omotchama.


I liked how this series has a bit of comedy as opposed to many of the anime series that are way too serious.  This show has a lot of humor and is full of slapstick comedy.  I just liked that the series was light hearted for people of all ages to enjoy and love.

Most of the other anime have characters wielding swords, guns, and other crazy weapons.  Yatterman-1 wields a kendama while Yatterman-2 has the much scarier electric baton.  Of course, their robots have various functions as well.


Almost all the episodes have a similar beginning, middle, and ending.  I can usually figure out how most of the episodes will end up.

Although it’s entertaining and lighthearted, it does have a sense of nudity when stuff blows up in Doronjo’s face as it destroys her outfit leaving her with little to nothing at all.


I started to watch this series after playing “Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars” on the Nintendo Wii.  I was curious on how the series actually was since I did play the team of Yatterman-1 and Yatterman-2 which made me want to watch it.

I really didn’t know what to expect since all I knew of the characters were from the game whether it was the characters themselves, their supers, and their stage.  I learned that Doronjo was a villain.  Good thing I was entertained by the series.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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