NorCal Regionals 2013

NCR 2013

There was the event in the FGC (fighting game community) known as Nor Cal Regionals 11 or NCR for short back in the spring. There were many things that occurred, but that’s for another article. I’m here to talk about the interviews.

The first one up is with Gootecks. It’s important for those that want to work behind the scenes in the FGC. He discusses how to create content, build a community, streaming, archived footage, and much more. It’s full of valuable information.

The second one up is with EG Justin Wong. He discusses his preparation from now until EVO 2013. He talks about the characters he plays, strategies, practice sessions, and counter picking. He also talks about only competing in the Capcom fighters so he can focus on the core games he’s known for. He also talks about Injustice and why he picked Batman as his main character of choice. Since Divekick was there too as a playable game and tournament game, he discusses why plays as Mr. N.

This interview is with the Top 4 of “Dead or Alive 5”. We discuss how we can grow the DOA community and what it means for it to be a tournament game at an important major. Other things discussed are why it gets certain perceptions it gets, how Virtual Fighter characters fare, and the future of the game.

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