“Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation” (1999 Japanese animated movie) review



For obvious reasons, I watched this movie because of my love for the Street Fighter series and probably would support anything that has to do with the series.


Ryu mourns the death of his master, Gouken to the likes of the sadistic Akuma (Gouki in Japan) while at the same time he must fight the urges of the “Dark Hadou” and becoming the best fighter he could possibly be.

One day, while visiting the grave of Gouken, he encounters his sparring partner and best friend, Ken when they are confronted by a small boy named Shun who claims that Ryu is his alleged brother.  Ken resisted that idea while Ryu is a lot less skeptical.

Ryu must learn to connect with his brother while fighting the urge to use the “Dark Hadou”. He must combat a new foe and face his demon, Akuma.


There was a lot of action for those who love that kind of stuff.  We got to see characters get pulverized.  There was a lot of blood and bone crushing hits.  I think it would be enjoyable even for those not heavily into the world of “Street Fighter”.  There were plenty of “Hadoukens” and “Shoryukens” to come around.

I liked the fact that it concentrated on a very small core of characters like Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li while characters like Akuma and Rose played a huge part of the story.  I liked that it stuck with the Alpha series only with cameos from Birdie, Sodom, Rolento, Dhalsim, Dan, Guy, and Adon.


Unfortunately, for those who really love the “Street Fighter” series and follow it to the core, it might not be the best story.  When we think of Street Fighter villains, we’re thinking of Akuma, M. Bison (Dictator), Gill, Sagat, Seth, Vega (Claw), or Balrog (Boxer).  Realistically, Sadler never comes to mind because he never was a playable character or even a boss character in the video games, yet the creators of this movie thought it would be awesome to create an original character that would be godlike.


Like I have stated previously on why I watch Street Fighter animated movies or series, I watched it because I’m a fan of the Street Fighter franchise overall.  I do appreciate the attempt at a change of pace with Shun who is not a traditional character in the Street Fighter universe, but didn’t enjoy him as a character.  A question I had was how was he able to possess the ability to have the “Dark Hadou” if he really wasn’t Ryu’s real brother.  It was watchable for the action.  It wasn’t watchable for the story since no one really cares about Shun nor did they care about Sadler.  In order for a movie to work, usually people need to care as much as hating the villain as much as loving the hero.

Overall rating: 2.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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