“Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children” (2005 anime review)



I decided to watch this knowing that there are Final Fantasy characters I would recognize in this CGI movie. It was a spin off of what could potentially be the most successful Final Fantasy ever. I just had doubts because of another Final Fantasy movie that was supposed to be good.


The story is set two years after the events of the story of Final Fantasy VII. Cloud has left his old life for a more secluded life away from all the madness. One day a disease strikes the world and Cloud’s services are needed after a new danger emerges along with an old nemesis. The crew is reunited for one last battle to save humanity.


This is what a Final Fantasy movie is supposed to be. It is supposed to use characters that we know such as VII. It contained updated looks for the characters along with epic fight scenes that fans from casual to hardcore can appreciate. The visuals are amazing from the characters to the background. This is one of the rare movies based off of a video game that’s actually good and has a tie in to the actual game.


If you didn’t play the game, you may feel a bit lost about the storyline since it does tie into the game. You probably don’t know a lot of the back story to most of the characters and how deep the story really is.


I felt that the franchise redeemed itself in the movie department when it catered to the real fans of the series, not try to use the name to sell some movie tickets like “The Spirits Within”. It contained characters we all grew up with and loved. This movie was all about redemption and cleaning up an old mess.

Overall rating: 4/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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