2AM’s “Nocturne” review


Artist: 2AM

Album: “Nocturne”

Label: JYP Entertainment

Year: 2013

After attending 2AM’s concert “Nocturne in Christmas” in Los Angeles, I grew into a bigger IAM. I became a bigger fan of theirs and decided that I needed to get more of their music. They had a wonderful concert, so by getting their album, it would be a great way to relive the concert.

These guys can really harmonize very well as a unit and can hold their own on their solo parts. We get a very nice blend of high and low notes.

The first thing I noticed when I gave this album a listen was how soothing and relaxing hearing their songs made me feel. I didn’t want to get out of the car because I wanted to finish listening to this album. Even their happier songs were wonderful to listen to.

“You’re Prettier The More I See You” has a jazzy vibe whereas some of the other songs mesh together ballads, R&B, and KPop.

I loved this album enough that I had wished that there were more available songs. These guys were so great, they made you want more just like how it was at the concert.

2AM really went up my own personal rankings in terms of boy bands because they do it on their singing alone. They let their music do the talking whereas many other boy bands rely on other gimmicks such as theatrics, dancing, glitz, and glamour. 2AM really has the ability to make you feel good on their singing which is where musical talent should really be.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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