2PM’s “Go Crazy” concert in Los Angeles

2PM- Go Crazy world tour

On November 21st, 2014, the guys of 2PM brought Los Angeles something to be thankful for the week before Thanksgiving.  The “Go Crazy” world tour made its final U.S. stop in Los Angeles.  After seeing them perform for a little bit at the KBS LA Festival concert back in the spring time of 2014 and seeing their counterparts in 2AM do a solo concert in LA the year prior, it was exciting to see 2PM finally get to do their thing in the heart of the American KPop scene.

It was actually my first time attending a show at the Shrine Auditorium.  I had been in the area before for KCON at the LA Sports Arena and KBS LA Open Festival at the LA Memorial Coliseum.  The Shrine Auditorium was an impressive venue which has hosted many memorable events.  The venue was nice as it had an Arabian theme.

When it came time to bring it, 2PM brought it.  As far as I know it, every performance brought high energy.  They brought so much excitement with whatever they did.  They also had so many hits to perform that I was already aware with what songs they were going to do.  Unfortunately, because they had such a deep discography, they couldn’t perform everything such as their solo work, B side tracks, and Japanese material.  It’s hard to squeeze in that many songs with a certain time frame which is fine.  I personally was hoping for the individual members to perform songs from the grand edition of “Grown” to showcase their individual work.

I did enjoy that they didn’t put too much filler time.  They only had one video play during intermission for costume change which was hysterical.  The members got to rest during sub unit performances.

They certainly had the ultimate fan service.  For the ladies, Chansung and Taecyeon showed their entire abs.  It was also a homecoming for Nichkhun who is originally from nearby Rancho Cucamonga.  Taecyeon also didn’t forget about the guys who showed up as well.

I appreciated that all members spoke English even if it was mostly spoken by Taecyeon and Nichkhun as they are originally Americans.  Jun. K actually surprised me with how well he spoke the language.  Chansung, Wooyoung, and Junho had struggles with the English language but managed to make it entertaining.  All members were pretty funny when it came time to talking to the attendees.

When it comes to concerts by individual KPop artists, I’d say 2PM was the best concert I attended in 2014.  They had everything you could ask for.  It was one of those concerts where I had a seat, but just couldn’t sit in it due to the hype.  They had the songs, fan service, energy, and so much more.  They said that they’d be back soon.  I’m sure that everyone can’t wait.

Timtastic’s 2PM photos from his seat

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