Juniel’s “I Think I’m in Love” single album review

Juniel- I Think I'm in Love

Artist: Juniel

Album: “I Think I’m in Love”

Label: FNC Entertainment

Year: 2014


Around late August to October, I had taken a brief exodus from the KPop community due to being burnt out and too many tragedies in the KPop world.  I decided to find a way to somehow make it back in.  I wanted to ease my way in slowly, not jump back in suddenly.  One night, I was still up all night and decided to check out “Music Bank” on KBS.  One of the songs that really caught my ear was Juniel’s “I Think I’m in Love”.  At that point I didn’t know she had made a return and reminded me the good that was still going on in the genre.


I really love the lead single, “I Think I’m in Love”.  The song is just so pleasant on the ears.  The other two songs “Please” and “Bug Off” were also great listens and follow ups.


Obviously, it’s a single album which means there aren’t too many songs.  It’s just something to have until there’s an EP or LP.


I’d say “I Think I’m in Love” is easily in my top 3 favorite songs of 2014.  It was worth the investment to hear a song I listen to all the time now.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Timtastic

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