Apink’s “Snow Pink” EP review

A Pink- My My

Artist: Apink

Album: “Snow Pink”

Label: A Cube Entertainment/CJ E&M Music and Live

Year: 2011


I had gotten into APink in 2013, two years after the release of this album.  Why am I now just writing about this album?  Well, I had gotten into KPop music after the release of “Snow Pink”.  After getting into this group, I decided to backtrack into their discography which leads us here.

Previously, I had seen their music video for “My My” at a milk tea place and didn’t think much of it due to not being able to hear the audio since the venue at the time was pretty darn loud.  I know I’m using the word “cute” way too much in this post, but literally every song is cute.


I would totally say that this album is a representation of what cute really is.  It has that bubblegum pop sound.  I think all the songs on this album were ear pleasing and full of what their known for which is the cute concept that has defined them as a group for years to come.


Although it’s an EP, it makes you feel a bit incomplete as there isn’t enough. With the entire EP clocking in at about 18 minutes, it just doesn’t feel fulfilling because when you get something good, you tend to want more of it.  In this case, I wanted to listen to more of what they had to offer.


I’d say it’s one of the better EPs from this group as it was as complete as complete could be in terms of a five track album.  If 2NE1 is the representation of what edgy should be, APink is on the opposite end of the spectrum with their adorable gimmick.

Overall rating: 4/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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