So Cal Regionals 2014


On February 28th to March 2nd, Irvine, CA played host to the biggest fighting game major in Southern California.  UC Irvine was the scene of the crime for So Cal Regionals.  This major marked the first time I opted to compete instead of going as a spectator or as media.

Before actually going to the event, there was one place I had to go.  Super Arcade has been a host of many awesome weekly tournaments like Wednesday Night Fights and The Runback.  Many of the folks that were in the area for SCR attended either WNF or TRB.  I opted to attend WNF because I wasn’t playing Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012 at the major so I wanted to get some games in.  It was a very intense yet welcoming environment.  Although I played terribly, I’m glad I made the pilgrimage to one of the meccas of the FGC.

At this event, I only competed in two games.  I opted to play Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 because at the time, I was actually playing that game a lot and Super Street Fighter II Turbo because it’s a classic game.

In tournament action, I did terribly because of tournament nerves.  I have competed in locals and weeklies before, but nothing at the major level.  I was not prepared and paid the price for it.  I did learn a lot though.

One of the highlights was making new friends.  I had put out an inquiry online about finding roommates for this tournament.  I had found success from some So Cal guys that also made the venture.  I apparently got the nickname “Nor Cal” because I was the token guy from elsewhere.

Although I was already eliminated for all tournament play, I really enjoyed myself with being a physical stream monster by being in the front so that I could be seen on stream for all my friends that were watching.  I enjoyed being part of the Nor Cal contingency and rooting for all my friends that did very well.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience as I made a lot of great memories at my first major as a competitor.  I learned that it isn’t always just about playing for yourself, but also for those that are watching back home and for your region.  Shout outs for Alex Valle and the Level Up crew for putting a great production.  I also would like to shout out Mike Watson for making Super Arcade a very hospital place.

Written by: Mr. Timtastic

So Cal Regionals 2014/Wednesday Night Fights photos

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