Sac Anime Winter 2015

Sac Anime Winter 2015

On January 2nd to the 4th of 2015, Sac Anime held its winter edition at the Sacramento Convention Center in of course, Sacramento, California.  The last time any member of the Sturdy Pine staff attended this anime convention was when they held it at the Woodlake Hotel in the summer of 2012.  It’s great to see the progression this biannual event has become outgrowing their venue.

To have it in the downtown area was a blessing as it benefitted everyone from the attendees to local businesses.  There was more space for more events like panels, gaming, and workshops.  The convention was in close proximity of many local eateries while many hotels booked out many of their rooms.

The dealer’s hall expanded so much with so many things to buy.  Yours truly, unfortunately, went bananas and ended up buying many anime related items as they had stuff ranging from artwork to exclusive goods.

The gaming room had some great casuals which welcomed all kinds of competition.  The majority of the gamers were pretty much there to play Super Smash Bros. Melee and for the Wii U.  There were only minimal set ups for Ultra Street Fighter IV.  Surprisingly, there were folks there to play the anime fighters such as Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and Guilty Gear XRD.

The downside to exploring the entire venue was missing out on a lot of the workshops and panels.  The one event we did attend was “speed dating”.  To my surprise, it was pretty close to being 50/50.  It was pretty equal unlike Fanime 2015 which had a 1 to 10 ratio in favor of mostly guys.  I got to meet many brand new people that shared various hobbies.  There were no real dates to end it though, but it’s alright with me.  The experience was more than enough.

I’d say it was a more than I expected in terms of the anime convention.  I had a blast and appreciated all the friendly folks of the city of Sacramento.  I would definitely recommend all anime lovers of California to attend a summer and/or winter edition of this awesome event.  Although it has gotten bigger over the years, it still has that upstart feel.

Written by: Timtastic

Sac Anime Winter 2015 photos

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