Nicole’s “First Romance” EP review

Nicole- Mama

Artist: Nicole

Album: “First Romance”

Label: B2M Entertainment

Year: 2014


I was sad when Nicole announced her departure from KARA which has catapulted her into super stardom.  I had also realized that not only was she a member of my favorite KPop group, but was also her own individual person with personal goals that she had to seek for herself.  I understood that as an artist, she had to grow outside of her comfort zone to see what else she can achieve.


Prior to this EP, her only experience with solo work was a song of KARA’s “Solo Collection” with the song, “Lost”.  She does extremely well when she can feed off another artist like in the songs, “Innocent?”, “How About U”, and “Joker”.  The songs off this mini album were surprisingly good and composed well.


This could be a double edged sword.  Although 60% of her songs had a featured artist which was great, I felt it was apparent that she usually needs someone to vibe off of to create magic.  I was hoping to see what she can do on her own now that she was a solo artist.  I wanted to see her take more responsibility of her newfound independence as someone with more creative control.


I did enjoy it as it had more of an R&B sound compared to the bubblegum and electronic sound she had been running with previously.  I’m excited to what she can potentially do next musically now that she has had her own EP released.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Timtastic

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