Two X’s “Ring Ma Bell” EP review

Two X- Ring Ma Bell

Artist: Two X

Album: “Ring Ma Bell”

Label: J. Tune Entertainment

Year: 2013


As I got more into the world of KPop music, there were just too many groups that just came from all angles.  There were groups that I felt that pretty much debuted every week or something like that.  It became tough to follow every single one as I’m sure they all fought for eyeballs.  I decided to attempt to follow this group, Two X randomly since it’s easier for me to follow girl groups.


I guess I bought this album because their lead single was pretty catchy.  That’s usually a plus.  Their other two songs were just as catchy.  I’d consider their songs maybe along the lines of bubblegum pop.


Besides how catchy the hooks and instrumentals were, how good was this album really?  No one stood out vocally.  I wasn’t in awe nor did this album make me really put more ears and eyeballs on them.


I guess it was worth buying because it didn’t burn a hole in my wallet.  I got what I paid for, and when any of their songs come on, I usually would listen.  I wouldn’t go out of my way to highlight any songs to listen though.  It was good though.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Timtastic

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