Taeyang’s “Solar” review

Taeyang- Where U At

Artist: Taeyang

Album: “Solar”

Label: YG Entertainment

Year: 2010


One day, I was browsing iTunes to see what KPop albums I should purchase to bolster my library.  I wanted to get a full length album with multiple singles.  I went through many different artists and their entire discography until it clicked that Big Bang and its individual members have a pretty deep collection of music.  I had already owned Big Bang’s group efforts and G-Dragon’s music which prompted me to go to the member with the next amount of quality and quantity in terms of tracks.


How do you like listening to Taeyang?  Do you like his upbeat songs with tons of hip-hop club influences?  Do you like the version of him where he serenades you where it makes you shiver?  He has a mixture of both in this album.

This album is littered with singles and songs that could easily be promoted as singles.  Outside of the intro, every song is playable with no album fillers.


I felt like there were no weaknesses in this album.  I felt like I invested well into this album.  I can listen to it months and maybe years after initially purchasing this album.


All I have to say is that this album has such a great replay value.  Each official song can be repeated.  I honestly believe this album was worth the investment and proves why YG Entertainment in terms of putting out music is the best when not only do their top groups make great music, but their individual talent can put out top notch music as well.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Reviewed by: Timtastic

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