KCON 2015 Preview: Red Velvet

KCON 2014 logo

While veteran SM girl group Girls’ Generation is busy gearing up to headline KCON New York, rookie group Red Velvet has stepped in to take their big sisters’ place and bring “happiness” to West Coast KPop fans at this year’s KCON LA. After only a year into their debut, the newest addition to the SMTown family is already a hot topic in Korea and ranking high on the charts. As a group that will inevitably become one of the hottest trends in KPop (unsurprising for an SM group), you do not want to miss the chance to make history and catch Red Velvet’s first ever US performance. It’s a big step for them to make the trip to America and represent one of the biggest labels in the industry. So if you’re a die hard SMTowner, come out and show some love for the little hoobae group that could.

Written by: Jonathan “JNDrama” Nguyen

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