So Cal Regionals 2015


On October 9th-11th, So Cal Regionals moved to a brand new venue from UC Irvine to the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario, CA.  It was supposed to be held earlier in the year, but construction delays caused a change in the venue and the dates.  To make up for the postponement, they had two smaller events to lead up to the big one which were known as “Preludes”.  This also was a premiere qualifier for the 2015 Capcom Cup for Ultra Street Fighter IV and a qualifier for the NEC Battle Royale for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round.  Both games had awesome pot bonuses too along with Mortal Kombat X.

This was my second SCR after the previous year.  I’ll leave my travels and accommodations outside of this write up, but the venue itself was so impressive.  I felt that the delay was worth it as it was at a wonderful venue that I may visit again should another event be held there.  The venue was so big, and I was happy for everyone that attended because no one cared that there were delays and such.  Everyone there was there to have a great time and a great time happened on so many occasions.

I attended this event as a competitor.  I won’t talk about how well or bad I did, but I can talk about my experiences there as a competitor and spectator.  As a competitor, there were enough games in the lineup whether you’re a Capcom competitor, 3D fighter, or anime combatant.  There were pot bonuses all over the place.  Side tournaments had their shine too from the oldest of the old fighting game to the newest upcoming release all held side tournaments for some prizes and cash.  If you wanted old school side tournaments, there were Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.  If you wanted to try a new game, Nitro Blasters was the newest waifu fighter available.

Besides competing, there were things for the casual fan as well.  There were many vendors selling the coolest swag possible.  There were set ups for casuals.  People can try out the latest build of Street Fighter V and Tekken 7.  If someone didn’t try Yatagarasu yet, that game was available to play.

As a spectator, there were multiple screens for various different fighters as there were up to four streams running all at the same time with each title bringing all kinds of hype.  If someone wanted to watch another stream, all they had to do was look on over to the next one.

What made this one very special was this me against the world mentality we had as Nor Cal invaders.  We all made friends, connections, and more for future events.  Everyone reconnected with old pals while the common bond of fighting games brought new people together.

I’m very happy I came out to this event as Alex Valle always puts on world class events that draws out international players. He’s also there to make sure the top finishers get paid and get their medals.  I look forward to returning to the 2016 edition.
Written by: Timtastic

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